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NFT Soccer Games: The first play-and-earn Football Manager game on Avalanche. Maximize your earning potential by training your players, participating in friendly matches, defeating your opponents in intense death matches, and climbing the ranks in tournaments.

Multi-chain Football Manager Game

NFT Soccer Games is a digital soccer game based on
Avalanche and Scoville

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New Design for MultiChain !

Equip Yourself For Victory

Packed with exclusive items like NFSGX tokens, shoes, jerseys, and special cards, these bags are a game-changer. Whether you're in need of a boost to your training, looking to dominate in the next tournament, or simply want to score some epic gear, our sport bags have got you covered.

Don't miss out on the ultimate soccer experience.
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Sharpening Skills at
The Training Center

Our training center offers four distinct levels of improvement. Players can spend anywhere from three to seven days enhancing their abilities at the center. The amount of NFSG tokens earned and the success achieved by players vary based on their rarity. To maximize results, expert trainers will be available to assist. These trainers can be hired using NFSG tokens.

Get Ready For A Seamless And Thrilling Experience

Enhance Your Adventure with Items

Boost your performance by using items during both training and matches. Each item has a unique impact, increasing your success rate by a percentage.

For instance:

Wearing shoes can increase success by
anywhere from 1% to 5%,

And shirts can raise success by 2% to 7%.

Where Passion Meets Innovation

NFT Soccer Games is a revolutionary web3 gaming experience that combines the excitement of football management with the innovation of blockchain technology. As a play-and-earn game, NFT Soccer Games allows you to train your players, participate in friendly matches, challenge your opponents in death matches, and climb the ranks in tournaments, all while earning NFTs. The game is built on the Avalanche first, and supports multiple blockchain technologies. With its training center, expert trainers, and a wide range of items to enhance your gameplay, NFT Soccer Games offers a thrilling and unique gaming experience unlike any other.
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    Join exciting tournaments with limited participants

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    Compete at your level in NFT Soccer Games leagues for players of all skill levels

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    Death & Friendly Matches

    Dominate the pitch in NFT Soccer Games death and friendly matches

  • Attention Managers!

    * Maximize your team's performance by considering the player's morale, which is affected by their last 3 matches.

    * Select a strong player as your team captain for an added boost in success.

    * Remember, a striker's past missed goal average can also impact their success in the next game.

    * Note that the cards used in friendly and death matches have no effect on leagues and tournaments.

    * And be prepared for even more exciting game dynamics - receive a 2 match penalty for a direct red card.
    Are you ready for more in-depth gameplay dynamics?
  • Death Matches
    Step up to the challenge in NFT Soccer Games Death Matches. Players can prepare for a match by paying a specified NFSG amount, which will be transferred and locked. The winner takes all, so put your skills to the test and emerge victorious.