Minted NFTs are unique and exclusive to their owners. When you mint these NFTs, you obtain sports bags and also earn NFSGX tokens simultaneously. Additionally, minted NFTs yield NFSG tokens during sports events and workouts.

On the other hand, freely minted NFTs are not unique and, therefore, do not reward their owners with tokens. Owners of these NFTs do not receive sports bags.

Sports bags are special NFTs offered as part of the Chz Aginda project. To learn more about the contents of these bags, you can visit this address .

Mint reflection: NFT minters gain 2% from nft's lifetime sells Eg. you sold nft to wallet-x and wallet-x sold it to 100 $CHZ, you will get 2 $CHZ. Wallet-x sold same nft for 1000 $CHZ, you will get 20 $CHZ. And so on..!

Total Reflections Paid: 12.2314 $AVAX, 0.0000 CHZ

Gitbook: https://docs.nftsoccergames.com

* Mint price: 200 CHZ